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Monthly magazine launched in April 1977. In total 82 issues printed, the last one in November 1984. ISSN 0152-125X

1978 April

No. 11

[Frank Zappa in Paris]
By Elito Cassis, 2 p

Zappa "Zappa in New York" [1]
By M. P.,

Zappa "Zappa in New York" [2]
By Ph. Boillaguet

 [Frank Zappa in Paris] Automatic translation: Zappa astonished, bewildered and confirmed what we already knew, that is to say that he remains the greatest composer, designer and orchestrator, and that he hovers 10,000 meters above the production current stuck between a New Wave, making a journalist and an old wave that never ceases to burst. (read more)

Zappa in New York [1] Automatic translation: Distraught listening to a new Zappa cake, we still are, and rightly so. It is not easy, obvious, immediate music. It's full of lots of little things that we discover little by little, slowly. Hence the strange state in which we find ourselves, when the lights come back on, at the end of the concert: dazed. Someone is stepping on you, you ask for forgiveness ... You light your cigarette through the filter, etc ... (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1978 November

No. 18

Frank Zappa "Studio Tan"
By M. P., p 76

 Automatic translation: "Studio Tan" the disc, is enclosed in an almost silent sleeve: no indication as to the date or the place of recording, no musician is credited, the lyrics do not appear on it or inside on a small end cheap paper that would have been welcome. There are just on the back the titles of the pieces written by a left-hander who would have put his pen in his right hand. The drawing is in the genre of children's drawing not at all for children. (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1979 February

No. 21


 Zappa is name-checked on the page Telegrammes.

Après avoir été touché par une boite de bière dans le Maine. FRANK ZAPPA a fait rallumer les lumières et a déclaré : " Je ne rejouerai pas tant qu'on n'aura pas évacué ce petit trou de cul ". Ce qui fut fait.

 Automatic translation: After being hit by a can of beer in Maine. FRANK ZAPPA put the lights back on and said, "I won't play again until we clear out that little asshole." What was done.

On this page FZ is pictured with magazine Rock & Folk, #133, February 1978. This issue contains article "The eagle of the Mothers" and will be published here soon.

 On the page Bande-Dessinée is a review of the book Pop, Rock et Colégram by Jean Solé.

Ce que je pense de ce bouquin ? Un mot, Dément, point à la ligne. Solé, va s'en doute faire enrager plus d'un fan de rock. Ou bien les faire marrer, pour moi, çà a été la seconde. Il faut voir le traitement que Solé a fait à la Rock musique. Gotlib et Dister apportent innocemment (?/!) une petite touche à ce bouquin. Au fait comment est-il ce bouquin : Super-Hilarant-Désopilant. Dérision en a été le mot d'ordre général, le sérieux étant resté dans les crayons. La folie éclate sur chaque case. Rien n'est laissé au hasard ? Des gags partout, une vision très Mel Brooks. Un bouquin à relire après une puis deux et X lectures, car vous n'aurez pas tout vu-tout lu. Désintellectualisation (hou c'est dur çà) de la rock musique à l'état pur, un bon moment à passer, pour profane ou pas.

Automatic translation: What do I think of this book? One word, Insane, period. Solé, will probably enrage more than one rock fan. Or make them laugh, for me, that was the second. You have to see the treatment that Solé gave to rock music. Gotlib and Dister innocently (? /!) Bring a little touch to this book. By the way, how is this book: Super-Hilarious-Hilarious. Derision was the general watchword, seriousness having remained in the pencils. Madness breaks out on every square. Nothing is left to chance ? Gags everywhere, a very Mel Brooks vision. A book to reread after one, then two and X readings, because you will not have seen everything. Disintellectualization (hou that's hard that) of rock music in its purest form, a good time to spend, for layman or not.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1979 June

No. 25


Zappa 19 Mars
By Caroline de Kergariou, 1 p

 Google translation: March 19: this is the last concert of the Franck Zappa tour in France and it is the first where I am invited to a cocktail before the show: punc and zakouskis, the class. While the 5,000 or so spectators, on the other side of the curtain, dip their wait in the beer. There's no denying it, it's still something else to be rock-critic. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1980 May

No. 34


Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage acts I, II, III
By Thierry Chatain, p 60

Google translation: In the great tradition of Frank Zappa, the well-known eccentric, "Joe's Garage" presents itself as a "silly story" (he's the one saying it, not me) but one that can get his listeners thinking. (read more)

On pages 48-49 is an article on French cartoonist Solé. See Pop, Rock et Colégram by Jean Solé.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1982 July/August

No. 54-55


Oncle Zap' aux arènes
By Stef Goeth'kovski, p 28

Source: ebay