The beginning of Norwegian local music press was in 1978, when papers Puls and Nye Takter began to publish regularly. Unlike competitor Nye Takter, Puls had a greater focus on American music and popular culture. Disagreements with the publishers led the editor Tore Olsen in 1985 to take over most of the editorial staff and start Beat. Until 1993 Puls was a monthly magazine, since 1993 a more frequent publication. In 1996 the name was thanged to Puls Furore. The printed publication ceased in 1999.

1979 March

No. 3


Frank Zappa. Rockens geni til Norge igjen (Rock's genius to Norway again)
By Tore Neset, pp 7-9

Sleep Dirt: Frank Zappa
By Tore Neset, p 23

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1979 April

No. 4


Zappa gjør det igjen (Zappa does it again)
By Tore Neset, pp 18-21

Sheik Yerbouti: Frank Zappa
By Tore Neset, p 22

Source: nb.no


1979 December

No. 12


Joe's Garage Acts 2 & 3: Frank Zappa
By Tore Neset, pp 26-27


Source: nb.no


1980 February

No. 2


Alt du vil vite om Frank Zappa, men var redd for å spørre om
(Everything you want to know about Frank Zappa, but was afraid to ask.)
By Tore Neset, p 13

Source: nb.no


1980 June

No. 6


Er denne mannen en irrasjonell sjarlatan eller er han en eksentrisk, rasjonell visjonær?
(Is this man an irrational charlatan or is he an eccentric, rational visionary?)
By Tore Olsen, pp 1, 15

Source: nb.no


1981 June

No. 6


Tinseltown Rebellion: Frank Zappa
By Tore Neset, pp 39-40


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1981 December

No. 12


You Are What You Is: Frank Zappa
By Av Kirch, p 38


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1982 February

No. 2


Årets artister 1981 (Artists of the year 1981)
By ?, pp 22-25

Frank Zappa is the artist of the year #2, composer #1, musician #2, and singer #2. You Are What You Is is LP #1 of the year.

Source: nb.no


1982 May

No. 5


 Frank Zappa's concert in Drammenshallen on 8 May is announced. With a following joke:

Ol' Frankie brown eyes er tilbake - for 274. gang. (Hvem I redaksjonen gidder a skrive om ham denne gang? Ingen!?)
Ol' Frankie brown eyes are back - for the 274th time. (Who in the editorial staff bothers to write about him this time? None!?)


Source: nb.no


1982 June

No. 6


Zappa for 274. gang (Zappa 274th time)
By Rolf Behn Gulliksen, p 17

Captain Beefheart: Old fart at play
By Karin Westrheim, pp 24, 25, 33

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch (review)
By Tore Neset, p 27

Why Drammenshallen concert review is titled "Zappa 274th time" - see previous Puls issue.

Source: nb.no


1984 October

No. 10


Denne mannen elsker oss  (This man loves us)
By Tore Olsen, p 15

Frankie goes to Drammen
By Jan Omdahl, p 24


Source: nb.no


1986 December

No. 12


Frank Zappa (interview part I)
By Lars Esselius, pp 31-33

First part of the five-hour conversation with Zappa, who was obsessed with plans of his own satellite-TV-show. (read more)

Source: nb.no


1987 January

No. 1


Tåregass mot Zappa (interview part II)
By Lars Esselius, pp 40-41

Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell (review)
By Arild Rensen, p 66

Second part of the interview is about France, a concert in Sicily, the chief of the CIA, anti-American currents, rock censorship and about the 2nd secretary at the Russian embassy in Washington. (read more)

Source: nb.no


1987 February

No. 2


Forakt for bootlegs (interview part III)
By Lars Esselius, pp 44-45

Third part of the interview is about bootlegs, Thing-Fish, 25 hour guitar solos, Miami Vice and today's musicians. (read more)

Source: nb.no


1991 May

No. 5


Zappa Den Anti-Autoritære
By Mode Steinkjer, pp 20-23

Variasjoner over et variert tema
By Mode Steinkjer, p 24

In the beginning of May, PULS - as the only Scandinavian newspaper - had an audience, we met him in his hometown, Los Angeles, and even closer: we visited him at home as well. (read more)

Source: nb.no


1993 December 10

No. 17


Frank Zappa 1940-1993
By Mode Steinkjer, pp 10-11


Source: nb.no


1994 June 10 

No. 22


Leve den musikalske galskap!
By Arild Rønsen, p 11

Mitt forhold til Zappa
By Terje Rypdal, Jahn Teigen, Frode Alnaes, Doktor Erik, Grim Stene, Torstein Flakne, p 13

Ingen over, ingen ved siden
By Mode Steinkjer, pp 14-15

Hovikoddens initiativ
By Mode Steinkjer, p 16

Zappa har ordet
By Mode Steinkjer, p 17

Zons of Zappa
By Mode Steinkjer, p 18

Frank Zappa - en rockens legende
pp 20-21

Zappa skrev up ålitelig musikk!
By Arne Nordheim, pp 22-23

Frank Zappa 1940-1993
By Mode Steinkjer, pp 25-29


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