Started in August 1969 as Musik Express – an independent German edition of Dutch Muziek Expres. Later merged with Sounds and from January 1983 the magazine was titled Musikexpress/Sounds. The all-time highest print-run was in 1984. Since September 2000 is the magazine titled as Musikexpress. In 2009 started collaboration with American Spin.

1970 March

No. 171


 Article on MIDEM convention 1970 is about best performers on this festival. The FZ picture is included, but Zappa is not mentioned in the text. As we know, FZ jammed with French group Docdail during MIDEM convention, see Best, March 1970.



1971 June

No. 186


 The corresponding Dutch issue (May 1971) has an article on 200 Motels. German issue contains only a full-page poster.



1971 July

No. 187


 Back cover poster. No Zappa-related content inside.



1972 February

No. 194

200 Motels: Ein Spiegelbild der Wirklichkeit (A reflection of reality)
pp 36-39

Page 37 is an abbreviated translation of the "Hypothetical interview with Frank Zappa ...".


1972 April

No. 196

Captain Beefheart: von Zappa zum Genie ernannt (Proclaimed a genius by Zappa)
By ?, p 20

From page 34, we know that Amon Düül II singer Renate Knaup's personal top ten has two MOI albums.


1972 May

No. 197

Im Plattentest
By Jaki Liebzeit, p 13

What the Can drummer Jaki Liebzeit has to say about Zappa and "Willie The Pimp" is on page 13.
Page 15 has a short FZ discography as an answer to the reader's question.


1975 December

No. 12


ME Special Story: Frank Zappa
Rock-Genie und Bürgerschreck
 pp 60-69


1977 March

No. 3


Frank Zappa unterwegs (Frank Zappa On The Road)
By Hermann Haring, pp 24, 26

Originalton Zappa "LSD vom CIA"
By Jim Ladd, p 26

Second article about LSD and CIA is taken from US radio interview - Innerview, Radio show with Jim Ladd. This interview is also contained in GSW Project vol 17.

Source: Pittylabelle @ zappateers


1979 May

No. 5


Frank Zappa
Interview by Ray Bonici, pp 16, 18, 20

The same interview was later published in Yugoslavian monthly Džuboks. Publications in English are not known.

Google translate: ME: Have you ever heard a guitarist that resembles you?
Zappa: Yes. Warren [Cuccurullo]. He is the only one. He sits at home and memorizes my guitar solos. I can't even play those solos anymore. On stage we play "Andy" from One Size Fits All and he solos note for note. I just sit there and he plays it. I couldn't do it anymore. (read more)


1982 July

No. 7


Alles Scheiße!
Interview by Sylvie Simmons, pp 24-27

Warum Veröffentlichst du in der Regel Doppelalben?

"Manche Autoren schreiben Kurzgeschichten, und andere schreiben lange Geschichten. Für mich ist es schwer, Einfach-Alben zu machen, obwohl meine nächste Platte eins sein wird. Das Format gefällt mir nicht."

Ist ein Doppelalbum genug?

"Nein. Nur ein Beispiel: In den letzten Monaten haben wir achtzehn Albumseiten aufgenommen. Ich könnte die alle auf einmal veröffentlichen, wenn sich jemand leisten könnte, sie zu kaufen. Aber das kann keiner, und daher wird es ein Einzelalbum werden." (read more)

Source: Pittylabelle @ zappateers


1984 November

No. 11


Frank Zappa
Interview by Alan Bangs, pp 26-28, 30

Google translate: Actually, he was fed up with Europe. In Germany in particular, he growled after his last tour, they wanted to reduce him to the role of frightening citizens and making political speeches. At 44 years of age, however, he no longer wants to be a prayer wheel for calcified political freaks. He says. But when he opens his mouth, he'll be the old revolutionary Frank again. Alan Bangs met the master of the all-rounder at the beginning of his tour in Brussels. (read more)

Source: Pittylabelle @ zappateers


1988 July

No. 7


Freak & Sohn
By Steve Lake, pp 8-10, 12, 14

Google translate: Once upon a time there was a shock of the citizens. He posed naked on the toilet bowl, exposed the state and church on the stage and frightened prudish America with pornographic texts. And private? What is it like when the father is a freak? ME / Sounds brought Frank and Dweezil Zappa to the table. (read more)


1989 March

No. 3


Zappa Zoo
By ?, pp 60-61

These pictures are taken by Lynn Goldsmith in 1988. The article here is titled as "Zappa Zoo – Holiday on the Freak Farm". See also Zappainfrance.

Source: Pittylabelle @ zappateers


1991 September

No. 9


Zappa For President
Interview by Rudi Dolezal, pp 30-32, 34

Daß er ein politischer Kopf ist, war bekannt. Daß er sich nun aber als amerikanischer Präsident bewirbt, war selbs von einem Querdenker wie Zappa nicht zu erwarten. ME/Sounds-Mitarbeiter Rudi Dolezal traf den Kandidaten in Prag, wo er mit dem tschechischen Staatspräsidenten Vaclav Havel über das sprach, was ihn derzeit am meisten bewegt: Politik. (read more)


1992 April

No. 4


Jeff Wong
By ?, pp 40-45

Source: Fulvio Fiore


 Google translate: Frank Zappa mothballed his guitar and turned his back on the rock 'n' roll business with its adolescent excesses. "At my age you just have to look around for something more serious," he responded succinctly to comments that he has now finally changed fronts - from the eternal enfant terrible to the established e-musician. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1993 November

No. 11


Frank Zappa "Hot Rats"
By Holger True, 1 p

 This is the "100 best albums in the Rock History" special, where Hot Rats was #37.


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1994 February

No. 2


Special – Frank Zappa komplett
By Steve Lake, pp 92-97

Captain Beefheart
By Uwe Schleifenbaum, pp 30-31


2003 December

No. 12


Zappa für Einsteiger (Zappa for beginner)
By Christoph Lindemann, p 91

Does Humor Belong In Music? DVD (review)
By Uwe Schleifenbaum, p 93


2017 February

No. 2


Neu Auf Vinyl (reviews)
   We're Only In In For The Money
   Lumpy Gravy
   Cruising With Ruben And The Jets
   Weasels Ripped My Flesh

By Albert Koch, p 101


2017 April

No. 4


Eat That Question. DVD (review)
By Mike Köhler, p 105


2020 February

No. 2


Frank Zappa. Hot Rats Sessions 50th Anniversary Limited Edition (review)
By Mike Köhler, p 97


2020 July

No. 7


Frank Zappa. Immer ein Freak.
By Chris Weiss, pp 54-59