Džuboks (Serbian Cyrillic: Џубокс, trans. Jukebox) was a Yugoslav music magazine. Founded in 1966 by publisher Duga, it was the first magazine in Yugoslavia dedicated to rock music, and the first rock music magazine in a socialist country. The first issue came out on 3 May 1966. After the 39th issue, released in July 1970, Duga stopped publishing the magazine.
In 1974, the publisher Dečje novine from Gornji Milanovac renewed Džuboks under the name Ladin Džuboks (Lada’s Džuboks), as it was initially released as a supplement of the girl magazine Lada, but soon appeared as an independent publication under the name Džuboks. The first issue was released on July 1, 1974, and the last, 171st, on July 22, 1983.
In 1984, Džuboks was, under the editorship of Ljuba Trifunović, renewed once again, but was finally put out in 1985. (www.tomy.se)
Archives 1974-1985 are available at www.popboks.com.

1975 March 15

No. 9


Portret Frank Zappa – Majka stara 10 godina
(Portrait of Frank Zappa – Mothers 10 years old)
By Dražen Vdoljak, 5 pp

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1975 December - 1976 January

No. 19


Frank Zappa na concertu u Zagrebu
pp 76-77

On the cover are FZ, Suzi Quatro and Mike Oldfield. On pages 76-77 are photos from the concert in Zagreb, November 21, 1975. The band was FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Norma Bell, Andre Lewis, Roy Estrada, Terry Bozzio.



1979 August 3

No. 68


Muzičari su glupi, lenji i pohlepni (Musicians are stupid, lazy and greedy)
By Ray Bonici, pp 31-33

The same interview with Frank Zappa was in May published in German monthly Musikexpress.

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1979 September 28

No. 72


Frank Zappa sprema operu (Frank Zappa is recording opera)
By ?, p 5


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1980 June 6

No. 90


Cinik meja kožu, ali ćud nikada (Cynic is changing a skin, but never a temper)
By P. Vuković, pp 24-25

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1980 August 1

No. 94


Frank Zappa na lepom plavom Dunavu (Frank Zappa on the beaautiful blue Danube)
By Aleksandar Đorđević , p 57

Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, June 27 1980 concert review. (July 27 in the article is typo.)

Source: popboks