Muziek Expres


Dutch illustrated monthly music magazine published between January 1956 to December 1989 (645 issues in total). The peak was in 1974 – 375 000 copies.

1967 October

No. 142


Concert ad - 24 September, Concertgebow, Amsterdam.


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1968 October

No. 154


Concert ad - 20 October, Concertgebow, Amsterdam.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1969 March

No. 159


 Platenmaatschappij Negram-Delta in Heemstede kondigde onlangs de release aan van een aantal grammofoonplaten, die door ,,mother" Frank Zappa werden geproduceerd voor diens "Bizarre" label. Platen van o.a. The Mothers of lnvention, Wild Man Fisher, G.T.O., The Etiopians, etc. We zijn benieuwd, of Negram inderdaad deze "Bizarre" producties gaat uitbrengen, want het vorig jaar kondigde deze maatschappij ook reeds de Mothers-lp "Ruben and The Jets" aan, die toen echter tóch weer bij Polydor in Den Haag verscheen.

Automatic translation: Record company Negram-Delta in Heemstede recently announced the release of a number of gramophone records, which were produced by “mother” Frank Zappa for his “Bizarre” label. etc. We are curious if Negram will indeed release these "Bizarre" productions, because last year this company also announced the Mothers-lp "Ruben and The Jets", which was released by Polydor in The Hague after all. 

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1969 May

No. 161


 Ook Frank Zappa, de leider van de Mothers Of Invention, kreeg dit jaar een Grammy. Nou is het de gewoonte bij de uitreiking van deze onderscheiding dat alles in vol ornaat gebeurt. Maar Frank steekt de draad met alle vaste gewoontes omdat die hem teveel naar conventionaliteit rieken. Wel verscheen hij in een zeer net kostuum, maar daaronder droeg hij geen overhemd of ander kledingstuk! Het was uiteraard geen gezicht, maar dat was nu juist precies de bedoeling van de hoofdmoeder. "Ik zal blij zijn als ik weer in Amsterdam ben," verzuchtte hij tegen mij. Daar zijn ze niet zo conventioneel. Daar voel ik me tenminste mens. Vertel ze in Amsterdam maar dat ik weer gauw kom. De plannen zijn al helemaal klaar. Alleen het tijdstip moet nog bepaald worden." Nederland, en Amsterdam in het bijzonder, zal zich dus binnenkort weer kunnen verheugen in de aanwezigheid van Frank Zappa en zijn Mothers Of Invention.

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa, the leader of the Mothers Of Invention, also received a Grammy this year. It is customary at the presentation of this award that everything is done in full regalia. But Frank puts up with all his usual habits because they smell too much of conventionality to him. He did appear in a very smart suit, but underneath he was not wearing a shirt or other garment! Of course it was not a face, but that was precisely the intention of the head mother. "I'll be happy when I get back to Amsterdam," he sighed to me. They are not that conventional there. At least I feel human there. Tell them in Amsterdam that I'll be back soon. The plans are all set. Only the time has yet to be determined. "The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, will soon be able to rejoice in the presence of Frank Zappa and his Mothers Of Invention.  

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1970 March

No. 171


 Article on MIDEM convention 1970 is about best performers on this festival. The FZ picture is included, but Zappa is not mentioned in the text. As we know, FZ jammed with French group Docdail during MIDEM convention, see Best, March 1970.


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1971 May

No. 185


Frank Zappa's geruchtmakende 200 motels
2 pp




1971 June

No. 186





1972 January


200 Motels is een afspiegeling van de werkelijkheid!
4 pp

Source: ebay


1975 August


De bizarre experimenten van Frank Zappa
pp 4-8 


Source: Ton van Mierle 


1976 March


Frank Zappa moederschap is meesterschap (Motherhood is mastery)
By Frank Van Dijl, 2 p

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention are making an anniversary tour around the Earth. Zappa has been "in the business" for ten years. On the eve of his arrival in the Netherlands, Muziek Epres wished him luck by telephone. Long live the anniversary! (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1976 May


Mother's mooiste moederdag
pp 44-45

 Automatic translation: ME celebrates with Frank Zappa
Mother's most beautiful Mother's Day
Frank Zappa has been a mother again for ten years now. In 1966, with his "Mothers of Invention", he began to cut down musically on the rotten places of society. And when is it better to celebrate such a second lustrum than on Mother's Day? That is why ME mother put Frank in his favorite flower. Because we know that being a mother is not easy to die for and as a thank you for all the nice things he has given us in recent years. He had never seen a Mother's Day like this before. Neither did the flowers Jenny, Herma, Loes, Karina, Sophie, Zizi, Trees and Violet. Loes: I think he is very sweet, you wouldn't say he does this. "And Zappa himself? After ten years he is finally" good "with his mother again. But if she had attended this party ... 


 Automatic translation: For over a year and a half, Frank Zappa has been in a state of outright war with his record company. Lawyers fight back and forth over fine print in contracts with the result that new records cannot be released. Zappa will soon be in our country. With the concert he then gives, he hopes to make up for the lack of records to some extent ... (read more)


Source: ebay


 Automatic translation: ZAPPA IN NEW YORK is the highly anticipated double-live album that has been postponed for quite some time due to contractual issues. The tracks were recorded at the end of 1976 during seven concerts in New York. (read more)

On page 11:
Frank & Gail Zappa 

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1979 February


 Text bubble: Wilt u me even excuseren?

Automatic translation: Would you excuse me?

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1979 April


Frank Zappa "Sheik Yerbouti"
By Rupert van Woerkom, 1 p

 Automatic translation: "Shek Yerbouti" is Zappian for Shake Your Body. And with this double album, a new Zappa era is ushered in. The sheik of pop composers is more accessible than ever. Most of the songs on the four sides of the album are in rock and rhythm & blues packaging. (read more)

Page 3:

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1979 November


Frank Zappa "Joe's Garage Act I"
By Rupert van Woerkom, 1 p

 Automatic translation: Act I means there are two more to come. For now we have to make do with part I of Joe's Garage, an LP that tells the story of one Joe. He is a member of the group "Crew Sluts" and experiences the most wacky adventures as a starting pop musician. (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1980 April


Het grote Zappa interview
By Rupert van Woerkom, pp 48-50

Automatic translation: A conversation with Frank Zappa is like a boxing fight. The Sheik of the Composers is not known for nothing as the man whose statements can be compared to the sledgehammer blows of Mohammed Ali in his heyday. ME's Rupert van Woerkom nevertheless put on the naughty boxing gloves and made a tough interview. (read more)

Source: ebay, Steve Hecht


1980 October


 Text bubble: Burrb, die rookworst van gisteravond begint me op te breken zeg ...

Automatic translation: Burrb, that smoked sausage from last night is starting to break me down... 

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1980 November


 Text bubble: Ik sta nooit meer haar af voor het toupetje van Elton John. Nog een geluk dat het weer aangegroeid is, trouwens ...

Automatic translation: I'll never give her up for Elton John's toupee again. Lucky that it grew back, by the way...

Source: Fulvio Fiore