Juke Box Magazine


French monthly magazine for music fans and collectors. First issue printed in October 1984. Ceased in April 2020 with issue #400.

1986 September/October

No. 9


Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out!
By Frédéric d'Huve, p 56

 Automatic translation: I think it would be fashionable to talk a little about the Mothers first formula since here are the first four silly things of Sieur François Vincent Zappa on Verve again available at the time when our mustachioed was a ramshackle freak, who deserved it is true its weight of worship, before transforming into a machine of blatings on pajamas, camarillo brillo or other apostrophes. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1989 February

No. 25


FanzinesArticle by Bruni Librati about fanzines is pointing to Zappa fanzine ZAP, which 4th and last issue was published in April 1988.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1991 March

No. 46


Video Rewind
By Jean-François Brieu, pp 18-20

Automatic translation: "200 Motels" is that famous film (original video, the first of its kind to have international distribution in 1971) that Frank Zappa dreamed of since the album "We're Only In lt For The Money". Warner offers it in VOST, which is not a luxury. Lovers of underground flashes will find reasons to continue the fight. Golden boys and yuppies not yet arrested by the police should, in my opinion, be reasonable, and not mess with it.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1991 May

No. 48


Le rock psychédélique américain 1966-1973
By Philippe Thieyre, pp 64-67

Automatic translation: Philippe Thieyre has carried out to the glory of American psychedelia a long work of encyclopedist, by listing all the US psychedelic groups from 1966 to 1973, with biographies and discographies. This richly documented dictionary, which Juke Box Magazine, since its number 22, publishes exclusively in each 4-page issue, is to be published as a book by PARALLELES.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1991 June

No. 49


Le rock psychédélique américain 1966-1973
By Philippe Thieyre, pp 14-17

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1991 July / August

No. 50


Le rock psychédélique américain 1966-1973
By Philippe Thieyre, pp 30-33

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1991 September

No. 51


Le rock psychédélique américain 1966-1973
By Philippe Thieyre, pp 30-33

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1992 February

No. 56


Frank Zappa "Zappa in New York"
By Bruno Barcella, p 78

 Automatic translation: Vogue, which distributes Frank Zappa's records in France, offers digital reissues of its main albums, with almost all of the production of the master of contemporary music, through its own label Zappa Records. Here is the double CD "Zappa In New York", an important building of his imposing production. (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1994 February

No. 78


Au revoir Monsieur Zappa
By Jean-William Thoury, 1 p

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1994 October

No. 85


Frank Zappa. Chronique Discographique
Christophe Delbrouck

By Jean-William Thoury, 1 p

 Chronique Discographique by Christophe Delbrouck reviewed.

Automatic translation: Finding your way around Frank Zappa's abundant discography is no small feat, a book like Christophe Delbrouck's is blatantly useful. The entire career of the famous mustached man is traced, record after record. Song titles, dates, staff, explanations, contextualization, and even a list of bootlegs, it's all there. The Straight label is also treated. It is the work of a picky and competent collector. Fan or novice, you will find here a precious mine of information on the genitor of Mothers Of Invention. 

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1995 February

No. 95


Frank Zappa "Rare Meat / Early Works"
By Mick Richards, p 80

Rare Meat/Early Works
Del-Fi 70010 (Night & Day)

Automatic translation: The six tracks of this CD, "Rare Meat / Early Works", evoke the beginnings of Frank Zappa in California, in 1962-63, well before the birth of Mothers Of Invention. An essential document which exhumes in particular the ultra-rare single "How's Your Bird" / "The World Greatest Sinner" published in March 1963 on Donna under the name of Baby Ray & The Ferns. “Everytime I See You” and “Cra die Rock” are from a group called the Heartbreakers, and “Letters From Jeepers” and “Dear Jeepers” are from Bob Guy. Almost all of this material was composed by the late Frank Zappa who is also the producer.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1995 September

No. 96


Frank Zappa
By Jean-William Thoury, p 74

 Automatic translation: The American company Ryko, distributed in France by Night & Day, includes in its catalog the CD reissue of Frank Zappa's albums, with and without the Mothers Of Invention. Those in charge of this ambitious program worked from the master tapes, approved during his lifetime by the artist and provided by his studio. Some improvements have been made. Thus “Does Humor Belong In Music?” (Ryko 10548) has been completely remixed and has a new cover, signed Cal Schenkel. This disc, recorded during the 1984 tour (with Dweezil Zappa), was a moment reserved for the European market. Some albums, previously presented as double compacts, have now become single discs again: “We're Only ln lt For The Money” (Ryko 10503), with its irresistible parody of “Sgt. Pepper” to illustrate the cover, “Lumpy Gravy” (Ryko 10504), “Over-Nite Sensation” (Ryko 10518), with Jean-Luc Ponty on violin, and “Apostrophe (')” (Ryko 10519). The first two were prepared from the original analog master, thus restoring, as much as possible, the sound initially intended. The texts are now included in the booklet of “Apostrophe (')”. For the first time, the sessions of the “London Symphony Orchestra Vol. I & II” (double CD Ryko 10540/41), in the company of one hundred and two musicians (!), are presented complete, remixed and transcribed. To date, four titles have not appeared on compact.

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


1998 December

No. 135


Frank Zappa "Mystery Disc"
By Jean-William Thoury, p 76

 Automatic translation: Between 1985 and 1987, Barking Pumpkin, Frank V. Zappa's company, sold by mail order the three “Old Masters Box” boxes which included, in addition to the reissue of records that had become difficult to find, two unpublished 33 rpm records, the “Mystery Discs”. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2004 February

No. 201

Zappa In France 1968-1988
Philippe Thieyre & Christian Rose

By Jean-William Thoury, 1 p

 Zappa In France 1968-1988 reviewed.

Automatic translation: During an exhibition of photos by Claude Gassian, Philippe Thieyre (journalist) and Christian Rose (photographer), both visitors, discover a common passion for Frank Zappa (1940-1993). From this relationship was born the idea of a book devoted to the concerts that Zappa gave in France, all (or almost) duly immortalized by Rose's lens. The result is this book (168 pages, large format, beautiful paper, cardboard cover), of impressive quality, which no zappophile can do without! Along with the countless pictures of Christian Rose, faithful reporter, with a keen eye, Philippe Thieyre offers a well-documented fan text with the names of the musicians, the place, the date, etc. of each concert. 

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2004 March

No. 202

Frank Zappa "Baby Snakes"
By Jean-William Thoury, p 82

  Automatic translation: Designed by Gail Zappa, transcoded to 5.1 under the supervision of Dweezil Zappa (archivist of her father's immense legacy), here is the DVD (2:45) of "Baby Snakes", a film written, produced, directed, composed and largely performed. by Frank Zappa (born December 29, 1940, died December 4, 1993). (read more

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2004 May

No. 204

Frank Zappa "Live"
By Jean-William Thoury, 1 p

 Automatic translation: By way of introduction, the question is asked by Frank Zappa: "No laser effects, no fog, no additions in the studio, and some people still dare to ask: Does humor have its place in music? ". On the stage of the New York Pier, August 26, 1984, it was hot, Zappa (1940-1993) wears ponytail and Bermuda shorts. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2005 November

No. 223


Three important books on Zappa in French described:
- Frank Zappa & la dinette de chrome
- Zappa par Zappa
- Zappa de Z a A

Source: Fulvio Fiore 


2006 February

No. 227


Frank Zappa & Les Mothers Of Invention
By Jérôme Pintoux, pp 61-64