Guitarist & Bass


This magazine for guitar players was launched in 1989 as Guitarist.  In the 1990s, the print edition had a circulation of around 50,000. Since #142 in January 2002 the title of the magazine was changed to Guitarist & Bass. One another French magazine is titled similarly - Guitar & Bass.

1994 January

No. 54


La dernière brilliante interview du Grande Wazoo
By Joe Jackson, pp 18-21

Frank Zappa dossier
By Marcel Graff & Do Caillerès, pp 24-28

Patrick O'Hearn interview
By Olivier Cauvin, pp 72-74

Zappa et la basse
By Olivier Cauvin, p 75

Stars à la basse. Quelques compos de Frank Zappa.
By Francis Daruzcuren, pp 80-82

Rock legend à la manière de transylvania boogie
By Francois Rolland, pp 88-90

English text of the interview by Joe Jackson – Frank's Wild Years

Source: slime.oofytv.set


2010 October / November

No. 237


Impro modale extrême
À la manière de Frank Zappa

By Christophe Rime, pp 114-116