Guitar & Bass


French magazine, seemingly not related to the eponymous UK magazine and also a different magazine as another French publication Guitarist & Bass. The first run of the magazine, a monthly publication, was issued from November 1993 to July/August 1999, 64 issues in total. In June/July 2000 the second run ("nouvelle formule") started as a bimonthly with singer Nathalie Noguera-Vera as Chief Editor.

2003 May / June

No. 19


L'Amérique de Zappa on 200 Motels
By Ian Kent, pp 58-63

Automatic translation: We know Zappa, the musician, but more rarely Zappa the filmmaker, although an element of his discography bears resounding proof of this: 200 Motels. This album, which is also the soundtrack to a film directed by him and the Mothers, rightly allows us to evoke the somewhat particular experience of the artist with 16 mm. Guitar&Bass does not hesitate to leave its purely musical framework, and therefore takes you, once is not custom, to the cinema. (read more)