Gold Wax


Japan's magazine for record collectors. Started in Summer 1989, ceased in March 2003 with issue #94. Magazine started as a quarterly – "licensed and approved by Record Collector (UK) and Goldmine (USA)". From issue #5 Gold Wax changed to bi-monthly, from #63 in August 2000 to monthly magazine. Beside magazine several special issues/books/guides were published like series Maniax, Silver Vax etc. (
Gold Wax was originally started by Byakuya Shobo, which also published Yagi Yasuo's Zappa Vox and the first Japanese edition of The Real Frank Zappa Book. At the beginning, it had gorgeous artwork (for example, the cover was made of golden cardboard) and boasted of the "special arrangement" with renowned foreign magazines. However, this style of publication only lasted for four issues. From issue #5, another publisher called Baroque Shuppan took it over, and changed its main focus to unauthorized bootlegs. This less flamboyant version managed to survive until 2003. (TAN Mitsugu)

1989 Summer

No. 1


Frank Zappa Interview (フランク・ザッパ・インタビュー)
Interviewer William Ruhlmann (インタビュアー:ウィリアム・ルフルマン), pp 32-42

This interview, "Frank Zappa: Moving On To Phase Three," is translated from Goldmine, January 1989. Translation by Keiko Yuasa (ケイコ ユアサ). Special thanks to Manabu "Neko" Yuasa.




No. 25


Zappa Memorial (ザツパ 追悼)
By Sebastian Natsuki (セバスチャン夏樹), pp 11-17

Source: slime.oofytv.set