Yet another "samizdat" paper, Рок-Фуз, which later became the magazine Rock Fuzz, appeared in Leningrad, on March 2, 1991. The founder of Fuzz was Alexander Dolgov, a former submariner who fell in love with rock music and decided to provide everyone with information about his favorite rock bands, which were already in full bloom in Western countries. (guidetorussia.org
Last print issue appeared in January 2009. Since September 2009 is Fuzz available as online website.

1994 January

Issue 13


Френсис Винсент Заппа 1940-1994
By ?, p 2



1994 July

Issue 15


Всем матерям мать (Mother of all mothers)
By Andy Gill, pp 8-9

Article translated from Q, February 1994.



1995 October

Issue 26


1967 когда все пришло в движение (1967 The Year It All Came Together)
By Simon Frith, p ?

Article translated by A. Kurbanovski (А. Курбановский). This article includes a section on Zappa and avant-garde. The original article "1967 The Year It All Came Together" was taken from The History Of Rock, vol. 1 issue 1. This issue contains part II of the translation, First part was published in Rock Fuzz issue 22.


Source: ex-pressa.ru


2003 November

No. 11


Настоящая книга Френка Заппы (The Real Frank Zappa Book)
By Frank Zappa & Peter Occhiogrosso, pp 58-63

This is chapter 7 from The Real Frank Zappa Book, translated by Victor Kogan (Виктор Коган).



2005 December

No. 12


Человек месяца: Фрэнк Заппа (Man of the month: Frank Zappa)
By Ludmila Rebrina (Людмила Ребрина), p 7



2008 October

No. 10


Мамина наклейка (Mother's sticker)
By Dmitry Filippov (Дмитрий Филиппов), pp 72-74

This artile is on PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center).