The History of Rock


 Published weekly in 1983-1985 by Orbis. In total 10 volumes, 120 parts, 2400 pages.
The History of Rock was a magazine published by Orbis in the early eighties that provided an encyclopaedic look at the history of contemporary music. Well written, informative and with some fabulous photos, these magazines instantly appealed to music enthusiasts and have become sought after pieces of music memorabilia. (

1984 ?

Vol. 3 No. 26


The Great Musicians
Frank Zappa

By Tony Bacon, 1 p

Issue titled "The Spector Sound". Every issue featured one great musician with article on unnumbered inner back cover page and back cover poster.

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1985 ?

Vol. 7 No. 75

Sounds of Subversion
Discord and confrontation epitomised the flipside of the US rock scene
By Tom Hibbert, pp 1481-1483

Unconditionally Guaranteed
Captain Beefheart: desert songs and magic music
Luther Paisley, pp 1484-1487


Surreal anarchy from the Mother superior
Miles, pp 1490-1496

Issue titled "Anarchy In The USA".