Free monthly music magazine published in the end of 70s in Buffalo State College. In the 70s several rock magazines were issued in Buffalo State, including Foxtrot, Shakin' Street Gazette, Big Star, Rockers [and Eggz]. (When Writing Rocked Buffalo)

The thing so charming about the music of Frank Zappa is that he's so visvious. If The Fugs merely raped and strangled their victims, then Zappa communicated swift kicks to the thighs and abdomen, crammed chopped meat down their throats, stuck spikes in their eyes, and whispered 101 dead baby jokes into their ears. (read more)

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1976 November

Vol. 3 No. 4


One Too Many Motels With Frank Zappa
By Alan B. Milman, pp 5

Zoot Allures (review)
By Tony G. Billoni, p 18

The following interview was conducted in a Buffalo Holiday Inn in late October. (read more)

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Source: slime.oofytv.set