Shakin' Street Gazette


Free gazette published at the State University College at Buffalo, NY. Started in October 1973 by Gary Sperrazza as a music insert to the Strait Magazine. In total 18 editions printed and at the end of 1974 Shakin' Street ceased publishing. (Shakin' Street Gazette)
Later, some other music publications appeared in Buffalo State, like Foxtrot (1976) and Eggz (1978).

1974 May 1

No. 11


Z'A'P'P'A' Apostrophe (')
By Andy Cutler, pp 14-15

1974 October 1

No. 14


'Mhuman Getsme Blues
The Story of Bizarre/Straight Records

By Joe Fernbacher, pp 4-6

The promised second part of this story was never published in the Shakin' Street Gazette.



1974 October 10

No. 15


Zappa. Roxy And Elsewhere
By Andy Cutler, p 16