It was released from October 1974 to March 1982, with 90 issues in total. The first issue was dedicated to Frank Zappa. Director: Ángel Casas. Par excellence musical magazine of the seventies. Wonderful mag where gathering Murillo, Manrique, Juliá, Llopis & many more journalists related with the underground. All articles were excellent & fabulous illustrated reports of concerts, and don't forget the special issues.
Later became Rock Espezial and in the middle of eighties Rock de Lux. (J.Marcote)

1974 October

Vol. 1 No. 1


Madre Zappa
Interview by Ángel Casas, pp 58-61

1974 November

Vol. 1 No. 2


Sorry, Mr. Zappa
By Ángel Casas, p 3

Zappa, un tio (Uncle Zappa)
By Lluis Crous, p 42

"Zappa, un tio" is a October 4 Badalona (Barcelona) concert review. There are some additional FZ-related topics on pages 20, 23 and 62.


1975 January

Vol. 2 No. 4


Frank Zappa "Apostrophe"
By J.M Pallardó, pp 49-50



1975 March

Vol. 2 No. 6


Frank Zappa "Roxy & Elsewhere"
By Marcelo Covian, p 48



1975 June

Vol. 2 No. 9


Zappa: Una madre comparece ante el juez (A mother appears before the judge)
By ?, p 23

Beside this short story on page 23 about court case Zappa versus Royal Albert Hall Zappa is namechecked several times throughout the magazine, in article on German Krautrock and in another on bootlegs. On page 24 is a short news on Captain Beefheart joining the Mothers.



1975 October

Vol. 2 No. 13


8 pp in total, including MOI family tree ( thanks to Urban Gwerder) and articles:
   La heterodoxia como actitud
   By Claudi Montañà, pp 22-23
   San Francisco Vicente Zappa: Bufon, Farsante, Genio y Martir
By Diego A. Manrique, pp 24, 33-34
   Cuando las lavadoras comen Hot-Dogs..."
Discography by Oriol Llopis, pp 35-36
(Full texts of all 3 articles at El 3er Poder)

Source: Javier Marcote


1975 November

Vol. 2 No. 14


Centaurus On The Rock
By Kim, pp 52-53

 Inspired by the cover of Roger Daltrey's 1975 solo album Ride a Rock Horse, Kim presented his funny drawings of some artists and rockers as centaurs: Roger Daltrey, Dana Gillespie, Frank Zappa, Ike & Tina Turner, Gualberto, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones.

Source: Javier Marcote


1976 March

Vol. 3 No. 18


Mas Zappatistas que el Zappa
By Ángel Casas, p 13

On page 10 there is an ad-poster of the shows to be performed by FZ in 1976. Two shows on March 15th & 16th in Badalona ( Barcelona) and on 17th in Bilbao. Eventually these shows were cancelled due to the advice of Herb Cohen to FZ about their equipment related with the transportation strike happened and finished before to those dates in Spain.

On page 13 is an article "More Zappists than Zappa" by Ángel Casas, formerly editor of Vibraciones #1 remembering his concert in Badalona '74 and his expectations for these news shows considering all excellent musicians who had played with him, though missing Captain Beefheart in this tour.

Two posters were included with #18 and mentioned on the cover: Wakeman and Zappa W.C.

Source: Javier Marcote


1977 November

Vol. 4 No. 38


Los Guitarras del Rock: Cuerda a cuerda
By Jaime Gonzalo & Julio Murillo, pp 34-48


1978 May

Foto Rock special issue


Source: Javier Marcote


1979 March

Vol. 6 No. 54


Zappa John
By Antonio de Miguel, pp 9-10

Source: Javier Marcote


1979 April

Vol. 6 No. 55


Los cuentos de la abuela
By Truc, pp 17-19

The article "The grandma tales" is about Barcelona show in March '79.

Source: Javier Marcote


1979 August

Vol. 6 No. 59


Los lloriqueos de la madre
By Julio Murillo, p 12 

This article is about last European tour and difficulties Zappa had – like playing (first time) concerts in smaller cities. 

Source: Javier Marcote


1980 April

Vol. 8 No. 67


Mi droga es el sexo
By Juan Carlos Rubio, pp 20-23

First part of the exclusive Zappa interview "My drug is sex" by Juan Carlos Rubio, correspondent in Los Angeles.)

Source: Javier Marcote


1980 May

Vol. 8 No. 68


Los experimentos del gobierno americano con el LSD en San Francisco
By Juan Carlos Rubio, pp 56-59

2nd part of the exclusive Zappa interview "The American Goverment's experiments with LSD in San Francisco" by Juan Carlos Rubio, correspondent in Los Angeles.

Source: Javier Marcote