Rock Espezial


Heir of Vibraciones magazine, published from September 1981 to October 1984, with 38 issues in total. More centralized on hard rock & heavy metal, with many great specials. It was very well considered. In the last years, more focus was on pop music groups as well. (J. Marcote)

1982 October

No. 14


Adrian Belew: El Hombre que mató a Jimi Hendrix. De Zappa a Fripp pasando por Bowie.
(Adrian Belew: The Man Who Killed Jimi Hendrix. From Zappa to Fripp through Bowie.)
By Diego A. Manrique, pp 60-61


Source: El 3er Poder


1984 September

No. 37


Frank Zappa: Punk de la tercera edad. (Old age punk)
By David S. Mordoh, pp 44-45

Source: Javier Marcote


1984 October

No. 38


Farmaceutico frustrado. (Frustrated pharmacist.)
FZ press conference before the Barcelona show
By David S Mordoh, pp 24-25

This was the last number of Rock Especial and had FZ on the cover. The predecessor magazine Vibraciones had FZ on the covers of his first and last issues. 

Source: Javier Marcote