Svenska Dagbladet


Svenska Dagbladet (SvD or Svenskan) is Sweden's third largest subscribed morning newspaper and is published in Stockholm. The magazine was founded in 1884. Politically, the newspaper's editorial page describes itself as "unbound moderate".  (wikipedia)

1971 November 21


En seger för Zappa
By Hans Lovén, p 10

200 Motels
By Hans Schiller, p 10

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa with his Mothers of Invention gave a sold-out concert in Folkets hus late on Friday night. It was a complete victory for Zappa's musical wizardry. The audience was captivated from the moment the lights dimmed and the amps were cranked up. After a two-hour long pop fireworks show, Frank Zappa was ready to be described as a genius and the show as the most well-directed ever performed in a pop context. (read more)



1973 August 23


Konventionell Zappa
By Erik Centerwall, p 12

Automatic translation: Over ten thousand people – a personal estimate – had invaded Skansen for the last Opopoppa of the season. Clabbe, Göran Fristorp, Kisa Magnusson and Björn Skifs all have a big audience, but the big draw was still Frank Zappa with the Mothers. (read more)




1978 February 21


En musikalisk happening
By Gunnar Salander, p 9

Automatic translation: The Stockholm audience only got to hear about half as much Frank Zappa as the Gothenburgers got the day before. In order not to miss out on too much money, the great "freak" played to two sold-out concert halls on Sunday night, essentially splitting his regular program into two parts - one for each concert. It would apparently be too boring to give the same program two times. (read more)




1980 January 15


Uttråkat pratt om nya filmen (Bored talk about the new movie)
By Hans Lovén, p 14

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa on a quick visit to Sweden. Tired and bored, he sits and answers questions about his latest film, which has just been previewed. It's called ''Baby Snakes'', and the question is whether it will ever come to Sweden. (read more)



1988 May 3


Zappa överraskade (Zappa surprised)
By Jonas Benediktsson, p 15

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa's first visit to Sweden in several years had taken him to Stockholm on Sunday. Due to recent years' experimental records, my expectations were low to say the least. The free form that Zappa develops on, for example, the previous LP "Jazz From Hell" has very little to do with what I appreciate about him. I had the privilege of being pleasantly surprised. (read more)




1993 December 7


Zappa har est på sin sista turné (Zappa left for his final tour)
By Andres Sundin, pp K25-K26