German monthly magazine for Hi-Fi, Surround, High End and music fans, launched in 1978.

1981 May

No. 5


Sturm im Wasserglas
By Enno Warncke, pp 110-113

Automatic translation: A touch of rebellion surrounds the American Frank Zappa. Hearty scandals and obscenities paved his way to fame: bogeyman, charlatan or genius? (read more)



1981 July

No. 7


Frank Zappa "Tinsel Town Rebellion"
By Enno Warncke, p 91

Automatic translation: If a musician's ideas sprout more sparsely, his record company usually brings out a reappraisal of the last concert season. That's probably why Frank Zappa's new double album "Tinsel Town Rebellion" is largely a collage of live recordings. (read more)



1981 December

No. 12


Frank Zappa "You Are What You Is"
By Enno Warncke, p 151

Automatic translation: Putting a second double album on the market within just under half a year is an achievement in itself, but it is always a sign of great productivity. (read more)



1985 January

No. 1


Portrait Frank Zappa: Haare gelassen
By Matthias Inhoffen, pp 144-146

Interview: "Ich habe mit allen möglichen Leuten Ärger"
By Matthias Inhoffen, pp 146-147

Automatic translation: He composes orchestral notes that are difficult to access, treats his colleagues harshly and makes life as difficult as possible for himself. Frank Zappa primarily wants to entertain with his music. (read more)



1986 November

No. 11


Discobox Oldies
By Matthias Inhoffen, p 210

An article about classic rock albums in CD format that uses one record store, Discobox, as an eample.



1987 February

No. 2


Frank Zappa "Jazz From Hell"
By Matthias Inhoffen, p 152

Automatic translation:
Interpretation: poor
Sound quality: good to very good
Repertoire value: insufficient
Partners such as the Synclavier DMS and the rock guitarist Steve Vai supported Frank Zappa in this unspeakable concoction, the existence of which can only be explained by the creative compulsion of a notorious workaholic. "Jazz From Hell" doesn't come from hell, but should roast in it, because the pinball-like sound gimmicks with the emotional radiation of a personal computer have neither avant-garde pacemaker qualities nor any musical nutritional value. M.I.



2019 May

No. 5


Der Wahnwitz der Siebziger (The madness of the seventies)
By Ralf Dombrowski, p 139

Zappa in New York 40th anniversary reissue is reviewed.



2020 September

No. 9


Fundstücke und Genialitäten (Finds and ingeniousness)
By Wolf Kampmann, p 122

Review of The Mothers 1970.