Sal Común


sal común = table salt (NaCl)
Sal Común was founded in October 1978 as a weekly magazine. Then it changed to bi-weekly and later to monthly publication.
Trying to avoid any political any political ideology the mag was related with the needs of man with sex, drugs & rock'n'roll trying to explain & clarify the pro & cons of every issue. It's curious but readers interpreted this sincerity as a freedom ideology. (Director Marçal Molinè)
On the cover they told it was released together with Rolling Stone, Rock & Folk & Disco Expres. That means it reproduced articles of the first two magazines & inserted some central pages from Disco Expres.

1979 March or April

No. 14


La labor de Zappa
3 pages dedicated to FZ.
1. Un bigote sagitario
article by Sal Común editor about Zappa's horoscope, 1 p
2. Zappa, el concierto más agresivo
By Ángel Casas about Zappa's show on March in Barcelona & 11 pictures in black & white by Cano & Teixido. 2 pp


Source: Javier Marcote


1980 February

No. 25


Interview by John Swenson, p 13

This is translation of "Frank Zappa: The Myth Of Joe's Garage", originally published in Rolling Stone, 13 December 1979.

Source: Javier Marcote