Disco Expres


This was a legendary musical newspaper for Spanish youth of the seventies which included international musical news & releases. It was part of the Spanish underground voice together with Star & Vibraciones. In the eighties Disco Expres was related much more with hard rock & heavy metal groups. The first issue was in 1968 and the last one probably in 1984. (J.Marcote)

1969 October 26

Vol. 2 No. 44


Underground Frank Zappa
p 12

On the cover: Frank Zappa despedida - Frank Zappa farewell.

Page 12: Why FZ disbanded MOI. "I'm bored of playing for people who applause for wrong reasons".
"The embarrassment of the last tour". "Staging"." The Future".

Source: Javier Marcote


1970 January 4

Vol. 3 No. 53


Frank Zappa and...
By Juan José Aquerreta and Pedro Oses, p 5

Source: Javier Marcote


1970 June 28

Vol. 3 No. 77


Guitarristas. Frank Zappa
By Pedro Oses, p 5

Source: Javier Marcote


1970 October 25

Vol. 3 No. 93


Grabarán juntos? Beck y Zappa
By Adolfo Roldán, p 5

" Beck & Zappa. Will they record together?"
There is some speculation in the British press about the possibility that Beck will be the Zappa's guest guitar player in his four gigs in England. 
Beck wanted to appear in those four gigs and then continue with a possible continental leg of this tour.
A Zappa's friend said that Zappa will take the same band as the last Bath Festival and he knew the possibility that a famous English guitar player get together with the group though he does not mention the name because was in America busy with several contracts.
Through other Zappa's friend has been known that the wanted & chosen candidate to this time was the ex-Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, he is considered one of the most fabulous guitarist in progressive music in United Kingdom.
The Beck's manager, Mickie Most says he was not been informed yet but it is possible due to both are very good friends.
Frank Zappa will arrive on November 24th from America and he will perform his four recitals on 26th in Mountford Hall of Liverpool to continue on 27th in Free Trade Hall of Manchester. He will play twice at the Coliseum in London on 28th & 29th. This little tour will finish in a farewell concert at Leicester Montford Hall in London.
Without doubt this will be the greater musical event for English next month." (Translation by J.Marcote)

Source: Javier Marcote


1970 December 6

Vol. 3 No. 99


By Victorino Del Pozo and Concha Pacios, pp 8-9

Page 8: "A grotesque music against an absurd society"
Page 9: "Chungas Revenge" is parody & cowbells made in Zappa"

Source: Javier Marcote


1971 February 19

Vol. 4 No. 110


Black & white Zappa poster.

Source: Javier Marcote


1971 July 23

Vol. 4 No. 131


Frank Zappa o la eterna contradicción
By Javier Ilundain Solano, pp 8-9

2-page article: "Frank Zappa or the eternal contradiction "

"Behind a moustache and long hair, it hides something more than a musical genius, it might hide a whole of feelings towards present society".

"He has released an invasion of HOT RATS ... that will renovate the vibrating music."

Source: Javier Marcote


1974 September 27

Vol. 7 No. 293


La visita del antimito. Zappa! & Mothers Of Invention. La revolución del rock en España
By Antonio Gómez, p 9

La visita del anti-mito
By Adrián Vogel, p 14

De cómo Frank Zappa fue sorprendido meditando placenteramente en su cuarto de baño y otras historias extraordinarias
By Alberto Caballero, p 14

Page 6: Double advertising (poster) with inverted images in black & white presenting Frank Zappa & MOI for next show at Nuevo Pabellón Club Juventud Badalona, October 4th ( Friday at 10:15 pm), 1974

Source: Javier Marcote


1974 October 18

Vol. 7 No. 296


Volando sin motor: Miguel, Micky y Teddy
By Gonzalo Garciapelayo, p. 3

Zappa: músico excentrifugal y humor corrosivo
By Jesús Ordovás, pp. 15-16

It's about the show of FZ & Mothers in Badalona - Barcelona (October 4, 1974).

The reading should begin on page 16 which is the back cover of the mag (and has translation of Cosmik Debris) & then returns to page 15.

Source: Javier Marcote


1974 October 25

Vol. 7 No. 297


Zappa convenció
By Jordi Sierra i Fabra, pp 8-9

The pictures are from 1974/10/04 Badalona show.


Source: Javier Marcote


1975 February 21

Vol. 8 No. 313


La degeneración premeditada de "Roxy & Elsewhere"
By Jesús Ordovás, pp 8-9


Source: Javier arcote

1975 September 19

Vol. 8 No. 342


"One Size Fits All", o de cómo estirar el concepto para llegar a todas las ideologías
By Job, p 9

Source: Javier Marcote, slime.oofytv.set


1976 February 27

Vol. 9 No. 364


This issue contains some ads and news about planned, but finally canceled shows in Badalona and Bilbao. 

Source: Javier Marcote


1976 March 12

Vol. 9 No. 366


Zappa "iba a ser demasiado"
Exclusive interview by John Ajuriah, p 5 

FZ cancelled two Badalona & Bilbao shows in mid March in Spain due to consequences of a recent transport strike already finished that's the title on cover: "Zappa isn't coming!".

Curiously on page 6 still is the b/w poster ad of three shows: March 15th &16th in Badalona & 17th in Bilbao.

Source: Javier Marcote


1979 March

Vol. 12 No. 497


Zappa. De madre a abuela
By Job, pp 6-8

Back cover: FZ advertising Barcelona & Madrid shows in March '79.

Front cover: picture of Elton John & just Zappa's name with others below.


Source: Javier Marcote