Rock Magazine


Rock Magazine was founded by legendary editor Agi Yuzuru, who also established Vanity Records. The magazine started in 1976 and discontinued in 1984. (TAN Mitsugu)

1979 October

No. 27


Why don't you listen? There is a sound.
By Byron Coley and Robert Carey, pp 46-51

You can't always write a chord ugly enough to say what you want to say, so sometimes you have to rely on a giraffe filled with whipped cream.
By Dan Forte, pp 52-63

TAN Mitsugu:

The Beefheart interview was originally printed as "Captain Beefheart Pulls A Hat Out Of His Rabbit", New York Rocker, January 1979.
Translated by Fujita Masako.

The FZ interview was originally printed as "Zappa", Musician, August 1979.
It was translated by Mikawa Shunji, who was a member of noise/free imrovisation group Hijokaidan.