Published between 1986 and 1996, Rip magazine was heralded as the finest hard rock/heavy metal publication of its day. Rip debuted in December 1986. It was a music magazine commonly seen in newsstands and purchased by mostly teenage readers. It was created by Larry Flynt Publications, effectively making it a sister publication of Hustler magazine, among others. Lonn M. Friend was editor in chief. Rip was a typical Music fan magazine in the vein of Metal Edge, Circus and Hit Parader, although Rip had a wider focus, featuring Thrash, Punk, Speed-Metal and Death Metal bands along with the typical Pop-Rock and Glam bands of the day. (wikipedia)

1987 June

Vol. 1 No. 7


Frank Zappa and the Scarlet Letter
By Dot Stone, pp 50-55

Frank Zappa stares down at the Senate chambers. His dark, piercing glance alludes to more wisdom and perspective than any born-again, upper-class housewife will ever know. He, like so few others these days, is willing to stand up for his opinions. Frank Zappa is not content to let the long right arm of the government change rock 'n' roll as we know it. He has taken the podium and is again attempting to change the world or, in this matter, keep it as it is. (read more)

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