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1974 August

Vol. 1 No. 2

Frank Zappa's Got Brand New Shoes
By Deirdre Offen, pp 73-76, 89

How do you relate to a guy who got his start writing the score to a movie in which a nymphomaniac gets laid by a hunchback?

What's your reaction to somebody who composes lyrics about a groupies who can't "come"?

Would you like to know more about a fellow who sings about zircon-encrusted tweezers and lonely dental floss tycoons?

If so, be prepared to become acquainted with Frank Zappa. Some call him a musician.

Others say he's just a very rich kook. At any rate, Uncle Frank has been grossing and freaking out his audience for nearly a decade. Lately, though, he hasn't been acting up on stage quite as much as before.

Instead of insane theatrics, he has been giving his audience jazz along with the gutter rock.

What's been happening? Has some great mellowing process begun? Has Zappa, in fact, grown tame? Tame enough to actually discuss himself and his music?

You may be in for a surprise .... (read more)

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1984 January

Vol. 10 No. 7

It's About Mr. Flynt
By Frank Zappa, p 6

 I met Larry Flynt for the first time yesterday. He came to my home with his wife and some of the people from the HUSTLER staff. This was the result of an invitation from HUSTLER to direct a fantasy sequence for an upcoming series in the magazine. (read more)

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p 1

1984 April

Vol. 10 No. 10

Photo-Fantasy Directed by Frank Zappa, pp 107-128

2007 Holiday

Vol. 34 No. 7

A Frank Conversation With Dweezil Zappa
By Keith Valcourt, pp 100-102