Pop 2000


The monthly Pop 2000, subtitled "Le journal de la pop française", was launched in 1972 to promote French groups. It lasted until June 1973. The main collaborators were Jacques Leblanc, future director of Juke Box Magazine, and Alain Lemaire. The weekly Maxipop was based on the ditorial team of Pop 2000.  (wikipedia)

1972 January

No. 1


200 Motels
By Alain Lemaire, p 17

 Automatic translation: It was at the BLOW UP in ENGHIEN that FRANK ZAPPA invited us for his press conference on Tuesday December 7th. UNITED ARTISTS had done things well: Buffet and all that was needed! (read more)


Source: archive.org


1972 November

No. 11


Mothers Of Invention "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets"
By Alain Lemaire, p 20

 Automatic translation: A compilation of old titles from the first Mothers with, as a bonus, the handsome father Zap with a tie, well-groomed, fine mustache and everything, the Zap before the Mothers of the Invention. (read more)


Source: archive.org