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La Repubblica is an Italian daily newspaper, based in Rome. Founded in 1976. See also supplements Musica, Rock & Altro and XL.

2021 June 6

Vol. 28 No. 22


Ravel e Beatles l'ultimo show di Frank Zappa in America
By Carmine Saviano, 1 p

 Automatic translation: It will be difficult to respect the lineup and not immediately go to his version of Stairway to heaven, or to the medley of Norwegian wood, Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Strawberry fields forever. Or jump directly to I am the Walrus, or the moments in which, during that 1988 tour, Frank Zappa reread and paid homage to Beatles and Led Zeppelin. A paradoxical homage for those who had always moved beyond the mainstream, beyond fashions and stardom, in an obsessive self-denial to their own musical research. (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


2021 October 11

Robinson No. 262


Frank e il cinema una magica follia (Frank and cinema a magical madness)
By a.s., p 45

 Automatic translation: It was the craziest project of the master Frank: a film with a psychedelic impact, indeed a surrealist documentary that tells the acrobatic life of a traveling musician. With Ringo Starr in the role of his alter ego (after all the film was about him), Keith Moon in the role of a nun, Pamela Des Barres and Theodore Bikel and the group of Mothers, who at the time accompanied Frank, also filmed by I live. Zappa directed, together with Tony Palmer, and in the meantime he wrote the music of this avant-garde experiment, born from the mix of different arts. In the box that celebrates 50 years (1971) six CDs with the original soundtrack and a gigantic amount of curiosities, including demos, outtakes, work mixes, interviews and commercials of the film, unpublished dialogues and much more. A Zappian orgy of sounds and words, with hours of music written mainly in motels. The cover already explains a lot.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


2022 March 7

Vol. 29 No. 10


Tutto Frank Zappa il genio scorretto che voleva la Casa Bianca
By Antonio Dipollina, p 31

 Automatic translation: "We were loud, we were rough, we were weird. And if any of the audience had given us problems we would have told them to go fuck themselves." And it is also a sweetened version for the sentence that closes this incredible Zappa , a doc-film for which he is not idle for once to say the word: definitive. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore