HOTCHA! was an underground magazine published by Urban Gwerder in Zürich 1968-1971, in total 61 issues. HOTCHA! was the first European member of UPS - Underground Press Syndicate. Later in 1988 Urban printed one commemorative HOTCHA! issue number 67/68. Every HOTCHA! issue is an original piece of art including authorized articles from many famous authors like Julian Beck, Franco Beltrametti, Hannes Bossert, Henryk Broder, Anton Bruhin, Robert Crumb, Nicolas Devil, Alain Dister, Ben Eagle, HR Giger, Sergius Golowin, Manuel Halpern, Xavier Koller, James Koller, Tuli Kupferberg, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Georges Mathieu, Fredi M. Murer, Antonholz Portmann, Ed Sanders, Gilbert Shelton, Gary Snyder, Olaf Stoop, Andre Thomkins, Alesch Vital, David Weiss, Max Wiederkehr, Anatol Wyss, Stefan Wittwer, Frank Zappa, Andreas Züst. (

1968 July 15 - August 14

No. 9 + 10


This is The Fugs issue with Tuli Kupferberg on the cover. One ad on page 8 warns, that in two months a new MOI LP is coming – What happened to Reuben & the Jets.  

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1968 August 15

No. 11



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1968 August

No. 12

The Oracle Has It All Psyched Out
By Frank Zappa, pp 4-6 

German translation by Urban Gwerder. English original printed in Life, June 1968.

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1968 December 15

No. 18

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1970 April 18 - May 9

No. 41


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1970 May 16 - June 6

No. 42


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1970 December 1-15

No. 49



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