Bimonthly magazine of folk, reggae, blues, world and pop music. First issue was published in July 1999.

2004 January/February

Vol. 9 No. 1


Frank Zappa - Hedendaagse componisten weigern dood te gaan
(The Present Day Composer Refuses To Die)
By Perry Oostrum, pp 50-55

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2018 March/April

No. 2


Afrekening met de Summer of Love
By Bertram Maurits, pp 14-15

Only in it for the music - Dweezil Zappa
By Bram van Schaik and Maarten Venderbosch, pp 16-17

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2021 September/October

No. 5


Zappa '88 The Last U.S. Show
By Kees van Wee, p 52




2021 November/December

No. 6


  200 Motels 50th Anniversary 6 CD box ad on page 2.




2022 November/December

No. 6


De 10 boeren
Frank Zappa "Montana" (1973)

By Bram van Shaik, p 61