Guitar Player Presents


Guitar Player Presents series (ISSN 1063-4533) was published quarterly.
See also: Guitar Player, Best of Guitar Player, Guitar Player Vault.




The Century's Preeminent Lexicographer Nails Zappa Down
By Nicolas Slonimsky, pp 6-7

Premiering Zappa with the London Symphony Orchestra
By Kent Nagano, pp 8-11

Preparing the Ensemble Modern for the Frankfurt Festival
By Andreas Mölich-Zebhausen, pp 12-13

Ratt Guitarist Turns Zappa Stylist
By Warren De Martini, p 14

Former Mothers Of Invention Drummer
By Aynsley Dunbar, p 17

Like Father Like Munchkins
By Dweezil, Ahmet, Moon & Diva Zappa, pp 18-24

The Simpson's Creator: "Frank Was My Elvis"
By Matt Groening, pp 25-27

Frank Zappa: The Mother Of All Interviews
Interview by Don Menn, Matt Groening, pp 28-51, 54-64
The Mother of All Interviews: Part 1
The Mother Of All Interviews: Part 2

Zappa Music To Make Your Skin Crawl
Scores of "The Girl in the Magnesium Dress" and "Guitar Waltz", pp 65-72

How it All Works with Gail Zappa
pp 74-76

Utility Muffin Research Kitchen
Dave Dondorf, Spencer Chrislu, Ali Askin, Todd Yvega, Simon Prentis, Marque Coy, Harry Andronis, Van Carlson

By Don Menn, pp 72-93