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Best of Guitar Player (ISSN 1063-4533) was published 6 times a year.
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1994 May

A Definitive Tribute To Frank Zappa


One Size Fits All
Interview by Steve Rosen, pp 4-11, FZ 1977

Little Band We Used To Play In
Keyboard Kapers with Tommy Mars & Peter Wolf
Interviews by Michael Davis, pp 12-23

Not Exactly Duane Allman
Interview by Tom Mulhern, pp 23-29, 31-35, FZ 1983

The Sin In Synclavier
Interview by Dan Forte, pp 38-42, FZ 1986

Jazz from Hell
Interview by Robert L. Doerschuk & Jim Aikin, pp 44-54, FZ 1987

The Mother of All Interviews, Part I
By Don Menn, pp 56-73, FZ 1992

Part II: Belgian Waffles in Plastic
By Don Menn, pp 74-87, FZ 1992

By Frank Zappa, p 88
Excerpts from Frank's Capitol Hill testimony