Gold Coast Free Press


Rare "adult freep" weekly from Los Angeles.

1979 September 29

Vol. 2 No. 36 Issue 89


Warning! The Real Zappa
By ?, pp 3-5

So many stories begin in the same way, and "It all started with rock 'n ' roll " has become today's cliché. But Frank Zappa breaks the pattern – for him, rock 'n' roll was the by-product of his ongoing relationship with serious music. Debuting on drums at the age of twelve, Zappa began writing chamber music when he turned fourteen, invading the local library armed only with a piece of music paper, a C-5 Speedball pen, a bottle of India ink, and his own consuming intellectual and creative curiosity. Prior to that time, his ambitions had gravitated toward visual art forms – drawing, painting, and graphics – so he approached music from an artist's perspective. "Although I'd heard records," he reminisced, ensconced in the soft sanctuary of a pillow chair, "I started off writing music without having the faintest idea of how it worked. Since I was in art and I could manipulate all these art utensils, I figured, 'Well, why don't I draw some music and then I'll find a musician and have him play it and see what it sounds like?' And that's the way the early stuff was." (read more)

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1984 January 5

Vol. 8 Issue 313


By Robert Cassella, pp 3-8

Genius is a process as is life itself. Appearance, change, disappearance. Only a few realize that it is a potential and even fewer realize it period. The vast remainder accredit it to a freak combination of genes if they can be impressed to acknowledge it at all. Once acknowledged the majority of people seem to find it lamentable that genius need be embossed in human form for genius makes a man a hero. Not in the sense of heroics, but rather true heroes. Men who have a mind and eye full of what the rest of us only have a tasteless intuition of and no capacity to act on. Our TV culture wants our genius/heroes to transcend the mere man. But that same media frustrates that desire because it shows genius for what it is. (read more)

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