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 Automatic translation: This is the second national edition of this 1982 album by Zappa, which constitutes one of his most satirical and delicious recent works. The attraction of this edition, in relation to the previous one, comes from the fact that it now offers a pressing made from a new, digitized matrix. The sound quality gains from this and, in this case, this is not as irrelevant as it may seem since it is precisely one of the aspects that Zappa attaches great importance to. (read more)


Source: Recortes & Retalhos


1986 April 19


Frank Zappa "Tinseltown Rebellion"
By Manuel Falcão

 Automatic translation: Zappa does not have admirers, he has militants, types willing to suffer the rejection of women, the segregation of society, the contempt of friends and the removal of family members for the simple pleasure of, in an atmosphere of recollection, listening, always with a grimace of laughter, to arise in the corner of the mouth, all your discs. (read more)


Source: Recortes & Retalhos


 Automatic translation: This album is not just an album: it is above all a pamphlet, one of the most delightful pamphlets recorded to date: Frank Zappa rises up on a war footing against censorship. (read more)


Source: Recortes & Retalhos