El Musiquero


El Musiquero, a magazine for musicians, was founded in 1986 by the same publisher in Buenos Aires (Zafeta S.A.) as the popular music magazine Super Cantarock.
Note. A magazine of the same name was also published in Chile (1964-1976) and Spain (1973-1974).

1987 June

Vol. 1 No. 14


Frank Zappa: La revancha del sheik de las madres arranca la carne
pp 20-24 

¿Buen uso de la guitarra o estereotipos?
By Frank Zappa, p 22

Él es lo que es (You are what you is)
Interview by Noë Goldwasser, Jim Aikin, Bob Doerschuk & Tom Wheeler, pp 23-24

The article by Frank Zappa on page 22 is Spanish translation of "Good Guitar Stuff or Stereotypifications?", from Guitar Player, January 1977.

The interview translated by Eduardo Hojman on pages 23-24 appears to be a compilation of several interviews.

Source: scribd


1991 July

Vol. 5 No. 59


Frank Zappa: Los Años Salvajes
By Andre Gill, pp 18-20, 22-25 

The original article by Andy Gill was published in magazine Q, December 1989. Translated and adapted by Claudio Kleiman.


1994 February

Vol. 8 No. 90


La Nota De Zappa
By Marcelo Gasió, pp 28-34

The author's site dedicated to Zappa was Marcelo's Frank Zappa Page.


1996 November

Vol. 10 No. 123


Frank Zappa: Läther
By Claudio Kleiman, pp 72-73

On page 17 is an advertisement for a "Tribute to Frank Zappa" event. It was held on December 1 at the San Martín Cultural Center, with films shown and the bands Arfyiseld (?) and Sul Divano performing. 

Source: scribd