Austin Sun


The Austin Sun was a weekly counterculture newspaper, that was published in Austin, Texas, between 1974 and 1978.

1977 September 30

No. 32


By Janet Burris, p 22

 Frank Zappa's orchestrated technological weirdness forms a backdrop for a mishmash of acid blabbering. Songs about women talk of blown fantasies: "She used to knock me out until her face broke out." His brash young side musicians musically duel and frolic tor the "king's" pleasure during hard-driving, yet spiritless, rock 'n' roll. He parodies new dance crazes and punk rock, acting out "safety-pin disco boy needs disco girl." She's leaving with your friend – refrain: "Well, thank the Lord, you've still got hands to drown out your disco sorrow. (read more)



1977 October 14

No. 34


 A reader responds to the review in the September 30 issue.