Zappanale 21
Exhibition Guide:
20 Jahre Zappanale - Cal Schenkel - Helmut King - Zappa Und Die DDR
ed. Robert Riedt & Dieter Jakob

Arf-Society e.V., Bad Doberan
2010 August
60 pp, paperback, 21 x 14,5 cm

This year the exhibition had several themes: 20 years of Zappanale, Zappa in the GDR, Cal Schenkel.

Dieter Jakob, Robert Riedt:

The exhibit presented for the first time at the 20th anniversary Zappanale was received very well by the festival audience. Now each year a new exhibit will be presented during the Zappanale featuring topics concerning Frank Zappa and his lifework. Zappanale 21
Zappanale #21: Zappa & The GDR Exhibit

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Zappanale 21: Exhibition Guide
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The Exhibition
pp 46-47