Classic Rock


Italian edition of British Classic Rock magazine. Issued monthly since December 2012 under full title Classic Rock Lifestyle. Several special editions exists - Classic Rock Speciale (issued bimonthly since 2014), Classic Rock Anthology, Classic Rock Monografie.

2015 July

Issue 32


America Graffiti
By Mark Ellen, pp 40-45

Frankie Goes To Sicily
Interview by Mauricio Becker, pp 46-48

King Freak
By Mick Wall, pp 49-55

This FZ special is titled on the cover "Un genio in calore".

"American Graffiti" is translation from Classic Rock, Summer 2015.

"Frankie Goes To Sicily" is an interview with filmmaker Salvo Cuccia, who made film Summer '82: When Zappa Came to Sicily.



2015 August

Issue 38


Frank Zappa - Dance Me This
By Maurizio Becker, p 110




2016 January

Issue 38


Fly On The Wall:
Le Madri della Prevenzione conto il rock

By Luca Fassina, pp 29-31

2015 Albums Of The Year:
#35, Frank Zappa - Dance Me This

pp 67-68



2017 February

Issue 51


Frank Zappa: Chicago '78/Little Dots (review)
By Mauricio Becker, p 102



2017 March

Issue 52


O capitano, mio capitano, cuor di bue!
By Gabriele Marino, pp 82-86

Interview with Gary Lucas.



Classic Rock Speciale



Issue 1 - 50 Grandi Chitarristi


Steve Vai (interview 2012)
pp 118-121

Frank Zappa (interview 1993)
pp 130-131

Compendium of interviews with best guitarists. Issue #1, 50 Grandi Chitarristi, was later reprinted as issue #7.




Issue 3 - 50 Grandi Frontmen


Frank Zappa
Teoria e prassi del controllo totale
By Gabriele Marino, pp 48-51





Issue 6 - 50 Grandi Batteristi


Terry Bozzio
By Francesco Ceccamea, pp 24-25

Vinnie Colaiute
By Lucio Mazzi, pp 34-37

Aynsley Dunbar
By Massimo Guarini, p 49