Varèse and Webern: One Hundredth Anniversary Celebration


"I have been asked to write about Edgard Varèse. I am in no way qualified to. I can't even pronounce his name right. The only reason I have agreed to is because I love his music very much, and if by some chance this article can influence more people to hear his works, it will have been worthwhile."

With those lines Frank Zappa began "a reminiscence and appreciation" of Varèse, whom he described as "Idol of my youth," for a 1971 issue of Stereo Review Magazine. The charming account of a teenager's discovery of the composer and his music refutes Zappa's protest that he is not qualified to write about Edgard Varèse ... and it leaves no doubt that the innovative rock musician-composer who has made more than 30 albums both idolizes Varèse and loves his music.

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