Mudd Club Newsletter June 1980

GEORGE CLINTON AND FRANK ZAPPA PERFORM AT THE MUDD CLUB: Dr. Mudd was honored to have George Clinton and the Brides of Funkenstein perform on April 9 and Frank Zappa on May 6. The George Clinton night was marked by the spectacular entrance of the Brides of Funkenstein in their Larry LeGaspi plummage. George and the Brides were able to stir the audience's emotions with their special version of "Funk Cheering." At the end of their set six Mudd-Clubbers in Puerto Rican wedding dresses offered themselves to George as prospective brides. The evening was marred only by a New Jersey Grateful Dead
fanatic who made fun of George's beaded hair style. Dr. Mudd had him promptly ejected.

Since meeting William Burroughts in the Mudd Club basement a year ago, Frank Zappa had been anxious to follow up the Burroughs night with his own performance. Despite the fact that the Zappa equipment alone takes up more space that the size of the whole club, a few customers managed to squeeze in and enjoy the concert, especially the new recording specifically dedicated to the Mudd Club.

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