Cal Schenkel Magazine

This magazine type publication was issued by Cal Schenkel in September 1981. The package has several parts and inserts. The following comments are from slime.oofytv.set:

page 0 looks like Cal's original offer/solicitation to order the magazine, limited edition of 1000 signed copies; page 2 talks about 500 copies; this page was loose 

page 02 gives a description of the 'package' that was originally sent in 1981 or '82...

part one is the magazine; pages 01 thru 34 plus back page, clear plastic sheets front & back with a plastic binder clamp holding the pages together along the spine

part two is the 1 japanese page

part three consists of two schenkel artwork/sketches, not fz related [i12 & i13]

part four consists of all the odd non-fz related inserts like the lottery ticket & the bank statement

part five are all the other 1- & 2-sided inserts with fz album related [gw & osfa]

the inserts are labeled i1a, i1b, i2a, i2b, i19, i20, i21 etc. ... a/b means it's double sided

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With this package above the original owner got also following signed print.

This print was sold separately in ebay with a comment:

Back in the early eighties Cal Schenkel concocted an idea for a snazzy calendar offered through his mail order business. The calendar project sort of fell through, so Cal sent people who had ordered calendars copies of this original mixed media print ...


sounds like the 'Calendar' is the same thing as the 'Magazine' project, and the signed prints were sent out with each package

Source: slime.oofytv.set