Laurel Pop Festival 1969

Laurel Race Track, Laurel, Maryland

Mothers Of Invention

July 12, Saturday afternoon



The Mothers of Invention, an eight member group, apparently are one of the most original new groups to emerge out of the steaming rock ’n’ roll underground from the West Coast.

The Mothers of invention are primarily musical satirists, however beyond that they are perhaps the first pop group to successfully combine rock ’n’ roll with the serious music of Stravinsky and others.

The group includes at this writing performers on tambourine, harmonica, percussions and timpani, electric bassoon, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, gongs, electric clavichord and "mouth."

The leader of the group is 26 year old Frank Zappa, who says of the Mothers: "Sure, we're satirists and we are out to satirize everything. Most of the guys in the band feel that we’re going to do something to help."

Zappa, a Baltimore~born, West Coast-reared musician, has had a try at nearly every form of musical expression. He has written serious works for string quartet, chamber orchestra, scores for the films "World’s Greatest Sinner" and "Run Home Slow."

The Mothers of Invention were born as a musical group in Los Angeles. Their success as recording artists has quickly become legendary, and this year they won the coveted Jazz & Pop Magazine’s poll of Musicians of the Year.

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