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Zoo World, The Music Megapaper was an early bi-weekly Rolling Stone competitor.

"The first time I ever took the Mothers out on the road I approached it from a sociological point of view. After the first tour I made a statistical analysis, in a crude sort of way, of what had happened, trying to gauge response in different parts of the country. The customs, the folkways, and the morality at the time we went on the road varied widely from area to area. The first place we go off the plane when we did our first tour was Washington, D.C. We were doing a thing on a UHF station where a guy announced they were gonna have a freak out party on this record hop dance show and told all the kids to wear the weirdest clothes they could wear. And we had kids wearing two different socks and you worked your way down from there that was a freak out party at the time." (read more)

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1975 January 2

No. 75


What's A Mother To Do?
By Steve Weitzman, pp 12-15

Doing just that, I asked him whether the original Phi Zappa Crappa posters received his authorization.

"Yeah," he says almost regretfully. "If it says 'Phi Zappa Crappa' it was one of the authorized ones. But by that time there were maybe ten other versions of the toilet poster out, from different sources that weren't authorized." (read more)