Young Guitar



Monthly guitarist magazine, started in May 1969. The magazine is published by Shinko Music Entertainment (シンコーミュージック・エンタテイメント) (wikipedia)

1990 September

No. 9 Issue 313

Frank Zappa
By Takeshi Mori (森 岳史) & Masaki Fukuda (福田 将己), pp 62-65

2009 June

No. 6 Issue 574

Zappa Plays Zappa
By Fukuda Masami (福田真巳), pp 78-79

This issue has a concert review of ZPZ's second Japanese tour.


2009 July

No. 7 Issue 575

Frank Zappa
By Umemura Shoji (梅村昇史), Shige, Young Guitar magazine
pp 48-54

TAN Mitsugu:
Includes two short interviews with Dweezil Zappa and Mike Keneally. The former was conducted by Fukuda Masami (福田真巳) with translator Kawahara Mariko (川原真理子), while the latter was done by an editor from Young Guitar.

A quote from the interview with Keneally:

"Frank gave me a chance to improvise, approximately in each three shows, but I was still young at the time, struggling to play the most effective phrases. As a desperate effort, I played guitar with one hand and keyboard with the other hand. And it made Frank cracking up, and then he encouraged me, saying "do it more!". So it became my own style of entertainment that I still keep doing these days."