Words & Music


Monthly magazine issued 1971-1973 in New York by Pauline Rivelli after Jazz & Pop.
(In the end of '80s another Words & Music, "the magazine for songwriters and lyricists" was published. Today an eponymous Words & Music is issued quarterly in Canada by SOCAN.)

1973 January

Vol. 3 No. 1


Let's Talk Clothes
By Dino Orlando, pp 70-74

Frank Zappa walked on stage of New York’s Felt Forum in the same worn, baggy blue shirt he was wearing earlier that evening in his dressing room; and the same old jeans, ripped on one side over the shiny brace which he wears on his left leg as a result of his Rainbow Theatre accident in London. He wore no makeup, had not combed his hair or buttoned one more button on the shirt. I decided to interview him on his ideas about fashions.

"Fashions?" shouted Frank when I asked him after the show. "Man, you’ve got to be kidding!" (read more)

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