WIN magazine was started in January 1966 by the New York Workshop in Nonviolence, a New York City pacifist direct action group which functioned as an affiliate of both the Committee for Nonviolent Action and the War Resisters League. In September 1966 full title of the magazine became WIN Peace and Freedom through Nonviolent Action. WIN solicited articles and poetry promoting many liberal and radical causes including disarmament, draft resistance, war tax refusal, and other pacifist concerns ... (TriCollege Libraries)

1969 July

Vol. 5 No. 13


Bizarre/Reprise ad on page 32.



1973 February

Vol. 9 No. 5


No Commercial Potential
By Dave Eberhardt, pp 35-36



1973 April 19

Vol. 9 No. 10


Reader's feedback on the article in WIN February 1973.