Warrior was a Montreal-based arts & culture magazine. Discontinued. There were 6 issues in total, from vol.1 no1, September 2004 to vol.2 no2, April 2006.
Andrew Hunter, a Warrior editor, notes that the magazine has a print run of 5000 copies, primarily distributed in Montreal with additional distro in San Francisco, New York, and Manchester. Released in September 2004, Warrior was originally conceived as a monthly, but the team changed its mind and settled on a more manageable quarterly release. (www.brokenpencil.com)

2005 March

Vol. 1 No. 3


Nobody Looks Good Wearing Brown Lipstick
By Russ Cooper, pp 4-6

I'll spare you the details of my ongoing trollop through the annals of the music world. The shlong of it all is that, at this point in time, I'm utterly disenchanted. Where the horse of wild, unbridled youth once raged with burning passion through the canyons of my mind, digging its powerful kick into the soil of crusty old convictions, it is now plagued with a festering botulism on the hoof from an overbearing industry and mass dissemination. It's not just watered down, its potency has dried up. The rock industry has turned into a fluff factory. (read more)

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