Wanted magazine was founded in 1995 by Károly Gerendai, owner of Sziget Kft. and Péter Uj, editor-in-chief. Later, László Marton, music editor of Magyar Narancs, Balázs Bihari, Tibor Bakáts and Zsolt Déri also joined the magazine. After the demise of Z Magazine in 1998, Sziget was left alone in the market, but Sziget could not finance its continuing losses, so in June 2002 (with Tamás Ligeti Nagy as editor-in-chief), after a change of design and positioning, it was continued as Wan2 magazine. (kreativ.hu)

1996 February


Hősök a gitár körül (Guitar heroes)
By ?, pp 28-29

Source: adt.arcanum.com


1996 April


Frank Zappa: The Lost Episodes
By Rykodisc, p 44

Source: adt.arcanum.com


1996 November


Frank Zappa: Lather
By Fülöp, p 44

Source: adt.arcanum.com