WET Magazine


WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing, also known simply as WET Magazine, was created and published by Leonard Koren from 1976 through 1981, first in Venice and later in Santa Monica, California. (wetmagazine.com)

1980 May / June

No. 24


Captain Beefheart
By Kristine McKenna, pp 26-27

 Captain Beefheart is a visionary / madman / genius who makes remarkably original music. A sculptor / painter / poet / philosopher of the primitive surrealist persuasion, Beefheart has never confined himself to the commonly accepted realm of possibilities. Perceiving the universe with magic and gleeful eyes, he tosses conventional approaches to language and music out of the window, and replaces them with an astonishing system of his own design. His startlingly irregular music marries rural folk tales , voodoo, free association, Dada, and Americana to a spectrum of sound that stretches from Charles Ives, jazz and blues, to the natural sounds of the Mojave Desert where he lives. Beefheart is a man of boundless imagination and heroic spirit and everyone should own the 7 albums that he’s made. (read more)

Source: wetmagazine.com, beefheart.com