Czechia / Czechoslovakia

The samizdat news bulletin Voknoviny (Window-News) was published from 1987 onwards by František Stárek together with his friends as a standalone supplement of Vokno magazine. (Complete digital version of the journal (1987-1990))
Voknoviny was relived as quarterly underground magazine in Spring 2014, with Eva „Evelína“ Brozmanová as editor-in-chief and František Stárek as honorary chief. Print-run 500. ISSN 2336-3789.

1990 January 24

No. 4 Issue 23


Frank Zappa is featured on the cover. No Zappa content inside.

Source: vons.cz


1990 February 7

No. 6 Issue 25

Karbanátek pro Zappu
By Žlufák, p 4

This article is about Frank Zappa visiting Prague in January 21, 1990.


Source: vons.cz


2015 June

No. 5


Vliv Franka Zappy na skupinu The Plastic People Of The Universe
By Jaroslav Riedel, pp 21-23

Source: Václav Pěnkava