Visions is a monthly German music magazine published by Visions Verlag in Dortmund, which was considered the leading alternative rock magazine in the 1990s. (wikipedia)

2013 January

No. 238


Wie kauft man Frank Zappa. (Frank Zappa Buyer's Guide)
By ?, pp 32-33

Erste Wahl (First choice): We're Only In It For The Money, Hot Rats, Apostrophe (')
Gute Wahl (Good choice): Freak Out!, Over-Nite Sensation, Jazz From Hell
Sichere Wahl (Safe choice): The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Verwählt (Wrongly chosen): The Man From Utopia, Francesco Zappa, Playground Psychotics

Source: VISIONS | Back Issues | Heft Nr. 238