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The Vidette (formerly The Daily Vidette) is a fully digital student-run news organization at Illinois State University. The Vidette as a newspaper was first published in 1888. The printed newspaper ceased in 2021. Weekend was the weekly Vidette Entertainment Guide. (wikipedia)

1971 October 26

Vol. 84 No. 17


'200 Motels' – Zappa's most fulfilling
By Daviel Unsini, p 17

 "200 Motels" is the most complete, satisfying realization of Frank Zappa's music to date. It reveals the full thrust of his strange, brilliant mind in all its bizarre magnificance. It's excessive and surely boring once in awhile. Nonetheless, it contains some of the most sophisticated and entertaining rock music produced over the past few years. (read more)

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1972 February 17

Vol. 84 No. 42


Madhouse in "200 Motels"
By Bill Sherman, p 7

 After all is said and done, it's Frank's movie.'' It's hard for be to be objective about this film; one of my most nurtured vices has been a love of Zappa and the Mothers, and this vice has weathered much, including several friends' snide comments. (read more)

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1974 July 9

Vol. 87 No. 4


Zappa receives abnormal reaction
By David Heller, p 7

 When someone like Frank Zappa comes to Normal, Illinois, it's quite an event. And, when the living legend himself appeared onstage in the Auditorium last Wednesday night, Normal was gratified. While Zappa didn't get the kind of reaction a man of his musical stature deserves, it was obvious that it was worth any effort anybody made to see him. Whether or not is was worth Zappa's effort was debatable. (read more)

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1975 May 8

Vol. 87 No. 141


Zappa displays unique performance
By Lynn Zipfel, p 5

 Frank Zappa not only is one of the best guitarists in America, he is also one of the most bizarre lyricists in the music industry. In Tuesday night's concert in the Union-Auditorium, he demonstrated how unpredictable he could be by presenting a surprisingly laid-back performance. (read more)

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1976 December 6

Vol. 89 No. 85


Zappa exhibits finest talents in Chicago
By Ralph Baum, p 13

 Popular music, much like radio, newspaper and television is mass media. The concert stage acts as a platform for the performer to expound on anything ; from sex to religion, as well as individual musical expertise. These public displays are clearly signs of the times. (read more)

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1977 September 27

Vol. 90 No. 40


Audience experiences Zappa
By Monte Rifkin, p 8

 Friday night at 8 p.m., the University of Illinois' Assembly Hall grew quiet. There were painted faces and strange clothes spotting the audience of about 8,000. Then a band walked onto the stage, highlighted by a strange man that many have come to know as a true professional, an artist in his own right ... Frank Zappa. (read more)

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 Frank Zappa: Even the name implies something bizarre and unpredictable. To see him as 3,500 cheering fans here did is to know that the name is no mistake. (read more)

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1980 November 26

Vol. 93 No. 70


Zappa performance filled with goods, bads
By Tom Naughton, p 7

 It looked like it could be a crazy time, the kind of experience people who would go to see Frank Zappa would expect. Zappa came out on stage to start the first show at the Union Auditorium Friday and asked for any girls in the audience who were willing to throw their bras and underwear up to him because, he said, he wanted to make a quilt out of them. (read more)

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