El Víbora


El Víbora (The Viper) was a long-running and influential underground and alternative comics magazine. Started in December 1979, ceased in January 2005. Introduced many American (Crumb, Shelton, Bagge) and French authors (Reynon, Petillon) among the Spanish ones (Nazario, Max, Mediavilla, Pons, Martí, Sento, Jaime Martín, etc).

1983 September

No. 47


p 35 


 Translation of the article below the picture: "From left to right: Stefano Tamburini, Frank Zappa, Tanino Liberatore. The photo is the testimony of the historic meeting what took place in Rome in June 1982 and which led to the realization of the cover of the LP "The Man from Utopia", which was entitled in principle "Frank Z. Rocks in Italy" and collect the Zappa concerts given in Italy during the summer of 82. The initial project also included a comic album (featuring a Frank Zappa half and half Ranxerox) with the incredible misadventures of the guitarist in various stages of the tour from Milan to Palermo ... but now, all the details you disclose in the introduction to the second album from RANXEROX.
See you soon!"


Source: Javier Marcote