Ulcus Molle Info


Ulcus Molle Info (Chancroid info) was a literary magazine published 1969-1990 by Josef Wintjes  (wikipedia)

1976 June

Vol. 7 No. 5-6
Frank Zappa Special


Alla Zappa (article from Tages Anzeiger, March 12, 1976)
By Dr. Cloud, pp 21-24

MOTHERS - Conceptual Arts, With The Greatest Repertoire
By Uli Adebar


front cover © by Drs. Zurkon Sole & Cloud
back cover: Zappa: 'I AM a human being'

pages 21 - 24
Alla Zappa von Dr. Cloud
Tages Anzeiger article 12-marz-1976

pages 25 - 31
MOTHERS - Conceptual Arts, With the Greatest repetoire von Uli Adebar
concert reviews - 17.2.76 koln & 19.2.76 essen
ad to get all 11 hot raz times back issues from robert tanner

literary guide:
page 2 - Alla Zappa nr.07 & 185 [also a few bukowski items]
page 12 with Zap-parap artwork from the u.k. magazine it, n.63 1969-08-29

loose insert: hand-typed & signed note from uli, single sheet of orange paper

- Dr. Cloud = Dr. Zurkon = Zark = Urban Gwerder
- Uli Adebar, author of the 2nd article is also the author of the the typed letter, addressed to Taun
- Taun is listed in the credits on Apostrophe
- he asks about the 10-lp set
- from united-mutations.com: 1990/01/13 'zapped - the 1st german zappa convention' , essen, germany organised by uli adebar



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